Join the X-Earth™ Platform to Project life sized holograms of buildings and peoples.

We Enable Audiences to physically walk Within movie like scenes – A Revolutionary way to experience the Past & Future

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This is not the future. This is now.

X-Earth™ is a mobile app platform that enables tour guides & experience creators to differentiate their in-person experience through the creation of in-person holographic experiences.

Immerse your audience in a movie-like experience, making them feel part of it. No more just talking or watching videos about it! We project holograms onto the actual, original site in real-time.

Imagine your customers stepping into their favorite movie, interacting with characters & architecture, visualizing scenes authentically. Our platform makes this possible.


Enterprise Solutions

Imagine talking with a hologram of Tony when at the site of the Sopranos. Or walking inside the Great Drawing Room and being able to run through its windows. This is an experience like no other.

Interested in trying out a live demo?

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For general inquiries, contact us at: info@xphera.earth