Join the X-Earth Augmented Reality Platform to explore the sphere we call earth.

Discover Location Specific Touchpoints in Cities, Trails, & Museums.

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This is not the future. This is now.

X-Earth is a mobile app platform that enables cities, trails, festivals, & museums to take their in-person experience to the next level through the creation of touchpoints for new experiences, guided walking tours, & educational programs.

We developed and launched the X-Earth platform to make augmented reality accessible to organizations wanting to increase the effectiveness of their customer engagement.

With global coverage, visitors will be able to walk around cities, trails, festivals, & museums and experience an alternative reality through the lens of their cameras via our X-Earth mobile app.

This is not the future. This is now. Join and experience X-Earth today.


Enterprise Solutions

Interested in exploring how augmented reality can be used to take an organization’s customer engagement to the next level?
Our X-Earth platform enables interactive touchpoints to be easily created at specific locations in real-time.
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For general inquiries, contact us at: info@xphera.earth