Create Holograms on the Earth!

Have you ever been to a site of a lost piece of history? And then have a tour guide try their best to tell you what used to be, only to be left staring?

Now imagine if you could stand at the lot of where the Ambassador Theatre once stood and walk around and inside its life-sized hologram.

You can now talk with a hologram of Graham Martin along Indiana Avenue. Or walk inside the Great Drawing Room and being able to run through its windows. This is an experience like no other.

And X-Earth was designed to do just that.

Download the X-Earth app today and experience our holograms at our partner locations

Key Partner | The Evansville Wartime Museum

As of November 2022, XPHERA™ partnered with the Evansville Wartime Museum to offer live self-guided holographic experiences via our X-Earth™ app for their visitors.

You can now walk around the museum and easily learn about their exhibits and hear straight from the voices of veterans and holocaust survivors.

Want to see our holograms in action? Visit the Evansville Wartime Museum at 7503 Petersburg Rd, Evansville, IN 47725.

“[XPHERA]’s service is now utilized at the EWM and provides a self-guided tour with over 22 beacons with written & verbal descriptions of the exhibits at the museum. This service is needed at many other venues such as ours. John will evaluate a company’s need & provide them with new “Augmented Reality” that will enhance their mission. He will serve you well. He has my highest recommendation.”

–– Mark D. Browning, M.D. CAPT/MC/USN Retired,
Chairman, Evansville Wartime Museum
Professor of Medicine, Indiana University School of Medicine Evansville
Advisory Board, Stone Medical Center for Mental Health in SW Indiana
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