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Differentiate Your In-Person Experiences

It is not enough to communicate messages simply through writings on the wall.

Tour guides and experience creators look to XPHERA™ when set on creating live in-person tours & experiences that will leave a lasting impact upon their visitors.

When looking to differentiate their in-person tours through innovation.

When looking to create interactive tours that are no longer passive.

When looking to project buildings and persons that are inaccessible or no longer exist.

Talking does the job. But so does everyone else.

We are excited to partner and work alongside the next organization looking to take their in-person experiences to the next level.

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“[XPHERA]’s service is now utilized at the EWM and provides a self-guided tour with over 22 beacons with written & verbal descriptions of the exhibits at the museum. This service is needed at many other venues such as ours. John will evaluate a company’s need & provide them with new “Augmented Reality” that will enhance their mission. He will serve you well. He has my highest recommendation.”

–– Mark D. Browning, M.D. CAPT/MC/USN Retired,
Chairman, Evansville Wartime Museum
Professor of Medicine, Indiana University School of Medicine Evansville
Advisory Board, Stone Medical Center for Mental Health in SW Indiana

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