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The Next Generation Way to Deploy Real-Time Information

The X-Earth platform allows you to place information at specific locations in your facility, and make that information readily available to both your customers and staff. By utilizing our proprietary web platform, you can deploy beacons in real-time onto the X-Earth mobile app.

Have you thought about how unstainable signs are, and their costs? Rather, you can empower your customers to find what they need without using up your staff’s time and resources. And why not provide a personalized digital experience to each and every one of your customers?

Certain industry practices prove to be ineffective and financially detrimental. The benefits of the X-Earth are simply limited to how an organization chooses to use it, but there are a number of core improvements that are made possible.

Environmental Sustainability. Staffing & Training. Customer Experience. The Elimination of Waste.

We give you the tools needed to take your site to the next level. By deploying beacons, you can provide real-time information to your onsite customers and staff in a sustainable manner.

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Onsite digital experiences can take your organization to the next level.

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