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X-Earth is a cloud platform that allows you and your team to easily build your own custom augmented reality experiences tied to specific places on earth in real-time. With global coverage, your visitors will be able to interact with your custom AR experiences via our X-Earth mobile app.

To accomplish this, our platform allows you you and your curatorial team can easily create location specific beacons and deploy them in real-time — no coding required. Only 3 pieces of information is needed to create a beacon: Latitude, longitude, and a name. The experiences can be created and managed in real-time.

All content will be managed by your team. In other words, we provide the basket (mobile app and cloud platform) and you can put whatever you want inside (content).

With the X-Earth platform, we utilize our latest technology in geofencing, positioning, and augmented reality to empower your customers with navigation and increased spatial awareness via our mobile app. The X-Earth Platform currently covers the entire United States and parts of Western Europe (7+ MM sq. miles).

We are currently serving the following verticals:

  • Large Venues
  • Museums and Institutions
  • Retail and Shopping Centers
  • Concerts, Conventions, and Fairs

Below you can view our successful demonstrations of the X-Earth app and its unique use cases.

X-Earth For universities and colleges

X-Earth empowers students to connect to their university in a way previously not possible. With X-Earth, visitors will be able to navigate complex facilities and learn more about the spaces around them. Event beacons can be created, allowing students to discover events near to them in real-time.

X-Earth For Malls

Malls and Shopping Centers benefit from X-Earth by being put ahead of the curve in digital transformations. X-Earth enables retailers to be able to engage customers with hidden discount codes, deals, and 3D product viewing.


There are a wide range of questions, but we will attempt to answer the most critical ones below:

  • Q: What is a beacon?
  • A: A beacon is any piece of information tied to a specific location. This information can be text, videos, and 3D/2D virtual objects.
  • Q: How much does it cost for a business/event to be hosted on the X-Earth platform?
  • A: For a brick and mortar business, we charge a flat rate per month depending on the number of beacons required. For an event, we charge per event depending on the number of beacons required. There are no setup fees involved.
  • Q: What is your guaranteed ROI?
  • A: We provide a guaranteed level of 98% software service availability. Anything below this level results in an equal amount of uncharged time we will provide your business software service.
  • Q: Can we host sponsorships on your app?
  • A: Yes, our platform enables you to have a new medium for offering sponsorships. Your potential earnings are uncapped.

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Our enterprise solutions represent the latest developments in GIS and augmented reality (AR) technologies. Xphera leads in quality, reliability, and budgeting efficiency, all while providing one of the most cutting edge solutions available on the market.

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