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Augmented reality (AR) and geographic information systems (GIS) represents next level efficiency and optimization for an enterprise’s processes. The Xphera Team provides enterprise specific solutions to optimize core logistics across various industries.

Xphera Inc. is a leader in innovation and design, bringing over 20 years of technology expertise. We propose to integrate a custom augmented reality (AR) mobile app, X-Earth, that will drive foot traffic, brand engagement, and promotion revenue your shopping center or venue via an elevated customer experience. Our app will bring direct benefit to each layer of the venue ecosystem: the customer, the tenants, and the operations team. A broad range of research, including research by the Harvard Business Review, shows that AR experiences significantly increases revenue (19.8%) and product exposure (1.28 times) [4]. We will provide value in 3 major ways:

– New and uncapped promotion revenue stream from internal and external clients (existing and future)
– Increased and controlled foot traffic
– Increased customer engagement, spending, and brand awareness

Our mission at Xphera is to build immersive experiences via our X-Earth layer that cannot be created elsewhere. X-Earth is a cloud platform that allows users to intuitively discover nearby businesses and interests by simply panning their phone around using our mobile app. By compiling data from across the United States and Western Europe on our cloud platform, our users easily interact with local businesses via augmented reality (AR). Integrating our AR technology within physical spaces, we create unique and memorable experiences that cannot be reproduced by a different medium.

The internet was developed about 20 years ago in 1995 and it is now embedded into every facet of society. Mobile apps and augmented reality now represent the next major transformation in the ways people communicate. Pokémon Go was released in 2016 and gains over 1B downloads and 6B in gross revenue within 4 years. Do you want to place your organization 10-20 years ahead of your competitors, with one of the fastest growing technologies in the market, engaging the current and future populations of people? Major brands such as Ikea, Walmart, Walgreens, Lowes, MTV, Tesco (European retail brand), Amazon, and Coca-Cola have already integrated augmented reality and mobile experiences into their customer shopping experience to
drive brand engagement [5].

Xphera is currently collaborating with malls and events organizations to drive forward this innovative and effective solution. The Xphera team has already successfully designed and deployed our mobile app, X-Earth, across all major cities in the United States and Western Europe including Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Dublin, and Miami, connecting our users from around the globe to local businesses. What we have accomplished in cities we now bring to you. We look forward to continuing this discussion and creating a solution that is beneficial to your organization.

Augmented reality is driving innovation in key industries and improving existing processes while inventing new use cases. X-Earth offer specialized industry solutions by hybridizing logistic management, GIS technology, and augmented reality. Our software solutions are applicable to the following types of enterprises:

  • Large Venues
  • Retail and Shopping Centers
  • Concerts, Conventions, and Fairs

These entities have defined use cases with the existing X-Earth platform. However, applications for X-Earth applies to any enterprise utilizing GIS technology. Below represents applications of X-Earth to the logistics industry. Please contact for any project specific questions and pricing details.

View our Q3 ’22 deployment and testing at the Eastland Mall, below.

Case Studies: Why Integrate Augmented Reality?

Across various applications, the use of augmented reality has been shown to significantly increase efficiency of processes, minimize human error, increase accuracy and optimize learning. Below are a few sample reports available for viewing.

More research on this general topic can be found here.

We Want to Innovate with Your Enterprise

Our enterprise solutions represent the latest developments in GIS and augmented reality (AR) technologies. Based upon previous development projects, the Xphera team leads in budgeting efficiency, while providing cutting edge solutions. Contact us to see how an integration with the X-Earth platform can take your operations to the next level.

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