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Compared to Virtual Reality (VR) which completely isolates you from your surrounding environment with a headset, Augmented Reality (AR) technology allows a person to interact with touchpoints, or virtual objects, that are placed in their surrounding environment through the lenses of the camera on their mobile phone.

Touchpoints, or virtual objects, are positioned in the environment like that of a real object – except that it is not physically there. This is augmented reality.

Tapping nearby touchpoints through the phone’s camera allows a person to engage with these touchpoints, or virtual objects.

XPHERA designed our touchpoints to enable a person to learn more about specific places, landmarks, & cities through engaging media and copy. Touchpoints are location specific, meaning that you must be at a certain place to see it.

Interested in seeing a live demonstration of augmented reality at a museum? See below.

X-Earth In Action

The Indianapolis Chamber, Evansville Wartime Museum, and major brands including Ikea, Walmart, Walgreens, Lowes, MTV, Tesco, Amazon, and Coca-Cola have already invested significant amounts of capital to integrate augmented reality into their customer experience.

A broad range of research, including by the Harvard Business Review, supports that the use of Augmented Reality significantly increases

Accessibility. Brand Awareness. Customer Engagement. Purchasing Rates. And Enhances Visitor Experiences.

With the rise of today’s youth, along with today’s millennials, organizations are seeking to take their in-person experiences to the next level, and position themselves as industry leaders.

The effects of in-person engagement surpasses other means. Offering superior in-person experiences allows for elevated engagement, education, and experiences.

The Next Generation Way to Create Engaging and Guided In-Person Experiences: Location Specific Touchpoints

Diagram describing the X-Earth Augmented Reality Platform.

Our X-Earth Enterprise platform enables interactive touchpoints to be easily created at specific locations in real-time via our web content builder. No programming required.

The figure above diagrams how experiences are easily deployed to the X-Earth app in real-time.

XPHERA doesn’t create content, because our goal is to be utilized as an effective tool to support an organization’s vision and display their creativity.

We built the X-Earth platform from the ground up to make this technology easily accessible to organizations of all sizes. We have deployed our technology in a wide range of environments, from indoor facilities to outdoor environments in cities. We have capabilities to serve a wide range of organizations including

Trails. Parks. Museums. Malls. & Cities.

In February of 2022, XPHERA successfully deployed our X-Earth technology across the entirety of North America, Europe, and parts of southern Asia.

We recently highlighted our key partnership with the Evansville Wartime Museum. XPHERA partnered with the Evansville Wartime Museum because they have rapidly taken steps to elevate their significance in the region and position themselves as more than just a museum.

In April of 2023, XPHERA was awarded Indiana’s INTAP grant to collaborate with the Indiana Economic Development Corporation as we accelerate our development of accessibility features on the X-Earth platform. We expect automatic language translations, as well as other ADA accessibility features, to be completed by early 2024.

We are excited to partner with the next organization looking to take their in-person experiences to the next level.

Explore uses of augmented reality experiences at your organization.

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