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More than just a technical overview, our initial meeting will be focused on an evaluation of an organization’s goals for their visitor experience, and a discussion on how XPHERA™ can potentially support the development of self-guided tours.

This is a discussion, so we are not looking to orate PowerPoint presentations. There will be an opportunity to try the X-Earth™ platform hands-on.

Please review our Enterprise Solutions site if there are any additional questions.

We are excited to partner and work alongside the next organization looking to take their in-person experiences to the next level.

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Give us a call at 812-760-5625 or email us at if you need any assistance, or have any questions. After scheduling a demo, you will be sent a confirmation email along with Zoom’s meeting link.

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“[XPHERA]’s service is now utilized at the EWM and provides a self-guided tour with over 22 beacons with written & verbal descriptions of the exhibits at the museum. This service is needed at many other venues such as ours. John will evaluate a company’s need & provide them with new “Augmented Reality” that will enhance their mission. He will serve you well. He has my highest recommendation.”

–– Mark D. Browning, M.D. CAPT/MC/USN Retired,
Chairman, Evansville Wartime Museum
Professor of Medicine, Indiana University School of Medicine Evansville
Advisory Board, Stone Medical Center for Mental Health in SW Indiana